Monday, January 11, 2016


Thanks so much for visiting my new Genius Hour blog, I'm so excited to start posting! For those of you who may have never heard about Genius Hour it is a passion project inspired by Google that is making its way quickly into the 21st century classrooms. Genius hour provides students with time to use productively to explore something they are passionate about. As a part of my technology class, I will have the opportunity to participate in Genius Hour each week where I will explore and share with YOU something I am passionate about. I'm really looking forward to not only getting time to focus on what really excites me, but also learning new things about these passions and about myself.

Before I begin I should introduce myself. My name is Lindsay Hatfield and I am a Concurrent Education student at Brock University. I have finished my four years of studying Child and Youth Studies and am currently in my final semester - I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Much of my employment background is with children, focusing on promoting healthy active living. I have worked many years in summer camps, worked for the Recess Project Canada promoting students to be physically active while also addressing issues of bullying and exclusion on the playground. I now spend my spare time coaching in a young children's soccer program. It's evident from these experiences I feel very strongly about young people being active - I have been able to bring this into my teaching practice by incorporating many hands-on and active components to my everyday lessons. That being said, I think it is important to cater to the needs of all learners, so not just providing active hands-on tasks, but also incorporating visual elements, auditory elements, etc.

Incorporating technology into my lessons is something I am working hard to learn more and more about. There are so many different tools and apps out there that I find it hard to keep up. I am looking forward to my class on technology to get to learn and experiment with many technological elements that can be meaningfully used in 21st century classrooms. It's amazing how well students work with technology - you can give them an app and from what I've seen, most students catch on faster than I do! I hope that by the end of this course I will have a better grasp on these tools and appropriate ways I can incorporate them into my own practice. 

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  1. Overall great work here Lindsay!

    You might want to try a different background, I'm having some trouble reading your blog with the tile lines and the busy background.