Genius Hour TED talk

TADAH! The final product of my Genius Hour is here! Below you'll find the TED talk I created compiling the findings of my Genius Hour research over the past ten weeks. This was another artifact I made using iMovie. After having created my movie trailer using this same program, making this video was a lot easier. The difference between the two tasks is in this one I didn't use a pre-made template and actually filmed my own videos. Through this experience I learned to film and import my own videos while also learning to convert and cut youtube videos to add into my own presentation (i.e. the TED introduction and conclusions).

Having your students film themselves and edit using iMovie is something that can be integrated into any discipline. It would be a great way for students to present a drama presentation if they feel uncomfortable performing in front of their peers. It could also be an effective tool for having students make reflective vlogs, commercials, how-to videos and more. There's so much that can be done with this incredibly versatile tool. Even having your students research and present a TED talk as I have done below would be an interesting assignment.

Take a look at how I used iMovie to create my very own TED talk, enjoy!

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  1. Lindsay I loved how your focused on stress reduction strategies. Not only could this be helpful for individuals such as teacher candidates it could also be helpful for our future students! I truly believe that mental health is on the rise and we as educators should incorporate these stress reduction strategies within our classrooms! I found your ted talk form informative:) In future Ted talks you could consider including visuals and incorporating some type of movement rather than sitting in front of the screen. This may enforce more enthusiasm :) However over well you did a really good job:) I really enjoyed watching your Ted Talk!!