TPACK Teacher Quest

Though at times timely and tedious, the TPACK teacher quest introduced me to a number of technological tools that I will one day be able to use in my own classroom. It was incredibly helpful to gain hands-on experience to learn how to navigate this wide variety of tools. 

The Genius Hour project is something I would love to incorporate into my future classroom. I think it's very important to incorporate student interests into the classroom in order to increase student motivation and enhance achievement. It can be a great project used in Language Arts classes to incorporate different types of writing or simply to assess writing conventions. It's a way for students to write about what they are passionate about rather than simply creating a report in science or social studies. 

Overall, this course opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of using technology in the classroom. There are hundreds of programs and ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and we have only just skimmed the surface. Technology can be a great way to engage all students and promote student-lead learning or a flipped classroom. It also provides amazing resources for accommodations and modifications for students of all abilities. I look forward to continuing to explore the effects of technology in the classroom as I embark into my own teaching practice!

These are the individual badges I have earned as a part of this course. Each badge represents a module of the course and demonstrates the different knowledge I have learned. 


  1. Hey Lindsay!

    To start, I see that you have all necessary artifacts accounted for! Great job! For each artifact, you included a little blurb to introduce it, which helps visitors identify what is happening or being done in each artifact.

    The pictures that you included are all properly cited accorded to copyright laws, and I liked how you embedded multiple videos and links in your posts to reinforce what you are talking about! I would have liked to see a few more pictures in your blog posts, as it breaks up the text and is visually appealing.

    In relation to your font and type size, I felt it was very easy to follow and read. I like that you had breaks between paragraphs. As a side note, I LOVE all of your creative and/or funny titles for your posts! It's an added element that I really enjoyed.

    Your background was eye catching without being too distracting too your texts, and I like how it connects to your topic of stress reduction for students - what's more relaxing than the beach??

    Your reflections of each artifact as well as your posts are in depth and highlights the time you took to create authentic learning opportunities for yourself and your readers.

    Overall, I think you have a great blog and artifacts that you should be very proud of! Great work!

  2. Lindsay you have incorporated all the artifacts with in your digital portfolio. I loved reading the reflections that you incorporated with each. Essentially it was intriguing to acknowledge what you liked about each resource/ artifact and how you would integrate in your future practice. I was able to acknowledge how I would integrate these specific resources within my practice but it was very informative reading other ways we could integrate them!
    Briefly reading your weekly reflections about your genius hour research project I loved the way you approached your research topic! It was intriguing to acknowledge how useful colouring is when reducing stress and anxiety! Great Reflections:)
    Lastly, I loved the lay out of your blog. I personally thought your background incorporated your genius hour focus as this backdrop is very relaxing and beautiful! The only thing you could have incorporated more was visuals in your weekly reflections! Overall an amazing and well put together Blog:)