Genius Hour Intro

I used Powtoon to create a video to explain more about what Genius Hour is and how my blog will be assessed. Powtoon is great tool to animate your presentations. When using the tool I tried to experiment with a number of features including text and narration. I learned that it is an easy tool to create unique presentations, different from your traditional PowerPoint. It can be used by teachers to present information in an engaging way to their students, but is also a very easy tool for students to use themselves. You could really use Powtoon to make presentations for any discipline; it's an open-ended tool that will allow you or your students to be creative with whatever topic you may choose.

Check it out!

Below you will find a Google Calendar detailing the different tasks I completed over the process of of my Genius Hour and when they have been due. I have used this tool before but in today's class I learned that I can actually make these calendars public. This can be a great tool to bridge the gap between the school and the home, or the parents/guardians and the teacher. This would be a great way to remind parents of when homework is due, when field trips are taking place or they could even reference it to see what subjects you are teaching and when. Google calendar can be used for any discipline and would be a really effective tool for communication purposes.

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